ColorIt – Screenshots

These are some in-game screenshots from the project ColorIt.

The Radial Menu of ColorIt

ColorIt features fancy radial menus throughout the game to make controller navigation a breeze


The ColorIt Tutorial

The ColorIt Tutorial Slideshow is displayed at the start of every game until all players are ready

A two player game of ColorIt on the map "No place too far"

Red attempts to cut off Blue's strategic point by placing a bridge

The On-Screen-Display for the KoreTech-Profiler in ColorIt

The KoreTech-Profiler On-Screen-Display is being used for run-time performance analysis.

The KoreTech-Console front end

We use LibRocket to render the KoreTech-Console frontend with a simple markup system for better legibility

A three player game of ColorIt on the map "Equal Opportunities"

Red attempts to eradicate Green's heavily fortified strategic point with a nuke, while Blue gleefully captures the remaining points

A four player match of ColorIt on the map "Organic Valley"

The Blue player is about to win as Red and Green attempt an assault on Blue's positions

A four player game of ColorIt on the map "Laybrinth"

Fierce opponents: Blue and Red duke it out while Green and Purple measure strengths




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