This is the programming outlet of Alexander Hofstädter

I am currently working as a Games Programmer at the Vienna, Austria-based Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH.

My responsibilities there have so far included:

  • UI/UX and Gameplay programming on an as of yet unannounced iPad game, developed using the Unity3D engine
  • Porting Input and Savegame Systems of a proprietary engine from PC to Xbox 360 as well as taking care of all things TCR on HITMAN HD Trilogy 360
  • Gameplay programming for a PC game prototype

You can read more about some of it on my Projects page.

Before that, I completed the Master’s program of Game Engineering and Simulation Technology at the UAS Technikum Wien where I developed the game ColorIt and wrote a thesis titled “An Example of Data-Oriented Design in Game Development“.

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